That frustrating moment when you realize your music is all the way up and its still not loud enough because your trying drowned yourself in music.


Me: *gets hit twice with hockey puck* Honestly are you trying to kill me!
Luke: You’re not making it very easy for them
Me: *inside head* well damn son, thanks

Gym today

Mike: Steve I hit you in the crotch dude
Me: Missed by literally one inch
Mike: Oh, well that’s good
(We’re playing floor hockey and I’m goalie -_-)


Me: *tickles her knee*
Bree: *grabs hand* don’t do that
Me: and if I refuse?
Bree: *proceeds to break my fingers* this happens.


So apparently my new name in biology is the chosen Juan because I have Mexican heritage, I said what when they called me Juan Pablo, and I like star wars. All in all, I kinda like it.

If it ain’t black it ain’t done

Gabby:Tell me to go to the kitchen
Ryan: Go to the kitchen
Gabby: You don’t want me in the kitchen, I’ll burn that shit, if it ain’t black it ain’t done
Me: *Doctor shoves baby back up the vagina* If it ain’t black it ain’t done

Star Wars

A7: But we’ll be disobeying direct orders!
Fives: Yup, for the second time today.


When ever I hear the number 117 I can’t help but think of the great Master Chief, thus I will proceed to call the Spartan number.